Vermont Public Records

The State of Vermont has several useful websites that provide information and resources where people can access important documentation. Whether you need a vital record, a copy of your driving record, access to court records, property records or to check into the sex offender registry, it is important to be able to access the information when it is needed. Some sites require you to register in order to receive the information that you seek, while others provide forms that you must complete and return along with a fee.

Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce Records

The Vermont Department of Health, Agency of Human Services provides people with access to birth, death, marriage and divorce records. If you would like to obtain a certificate you need to navigate to this link and print the correct form. The form must then be mailed along with the required payment to the office located at:

Vermont Department of Health
Vital Records
P.O. Box 70
Burlington, VT 05402-0070
Phone: 802-863-7275, or 800-439-5008 (toll free in Vermont)

Driving Record Information

You can obtain a copy of your driving record from the Department of Motor Vehicles by printing this form then sending it the office located at: 120 State Street, Montpelier, Vermont, 05603-0001. Your request must be accompanied by proper identification. If you are not sure what constitutes proper identification, you can contact the DMV by calling (802) 828-2000.

Property Records

Information regarding property taxation is available at the State of Vermont Department of Taxes website. If you are looking for individual county information, you can search the State of Vermont Government website and select the name of the county you want to search.

Court Records

If you want to search court records, you can go to the Vermont Courts Online website. You must register for an account on the site in order to have the freedom to search the court records. If certain records are not available to the public, you will not find them on the website.

Criminal Record Checks

Some jobs require you to conduct a criminal record check on yourself and then submit the information. You can find all of the information that you need on how to obtain a record, the cost and what you need to submit here. Many useful links are provided, including a link to the Fingerprint Identification Center.

Sex Offender Registry

The State of Vermont provides a Sex Offender Registry through the Department of Public Safety. You can search for registered offenders at this website. This registry is similar to that of many other states, in that you must agree to the disclaimer on the front page before you can gain entry to the information. You can sign up for email alerts and the site offers some tutorials to show you how to use the site and a “Sex Offender Awareness Guide”. The site also provides fliers which you are free to print and distribute to raise awareness regarding the site and its use.