Pennsylvania Public Records

The State of Pennsylvania has a variety of websites where you can access the information that you require for many different purposes. You want to be able to find the links to the forms that you need to order quickly, rather than searching aimlessly around the internet, hoping to stumble upon the information you need.

Birth and Death Records

Vitalchek is a service used by a variety of States that takes payment for any forms that you order online. There is a fee for this service, but if ordering something online is more convenient for you, it is definitely worth the fee. You can order birth certificates and death certificates through this third party processor by providing the required information. Access to these records is restricted to immediate family and the named person or authorized persons. Birth and Death Records are available after 1905.

You are free to apply in person, but you will need to present the appropriate identification in order to receive the certificate you are requesting. You can attend at any of the following offices:

Division of Vital Records
110 North 8th Street; Suite 108
Philadelphia, PA 19107-2412
(215) 560-3054

Pittsburgh, Scranton, Erie, Harrisburg and Newcastle also have offices. You can find the addresses here through this link.

Marriage and Divorce Records

If you are looking for a marriage certificate or a divorce decree, you need to get in touch with the county courthouse where the documents were issued. These documents are not handled by the Division of Vital Records of the Pennsylvania Department of Health. This is a list of the county courthouses.

Driving Records

If you need a copy of your driving record, you will need to get in touch with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. They have a special link where you can do a variety of things online. You will need a credit card to complete your order. If you would prefer to attend in person, you can do so at:

Pennsylvania Department Of Transportation
1101 South Front Street
Harrisburg, PA 17104

Or at any local branch of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Court Records

Pennsylvania has a comprehensive website so that you can obtain information regarding a case at any level of court. Simply navigate to the courts portal site and determine which level of court you will access. Bail, restitution and fines can also be paid online through this website.

Property Records

If you are looking for information regarding a property, you can access this website and then select the county you would like to look at. There is a wide range of information that you can access and visible contact information you can use if you need help along the way.

Sex Offender Registry

The Pennsylvania State Police provides a Megan’s Law website which provides a sex offender registry for the state. You can opt to receive an update of a sex offender who changes their residence or employment or find out the proximity of their location to local schools. You can also track an offender and receive notifications of any updates that are available for that offender.