Nebraska Public Records

Some people may not realize that there are a huge number of records in the state of Nebraska that are available to the general public. This can be valuable information for both individuals and agencies out there that are looking for vital data, court cases, land records or other governmental data. Many politicians and policy makers depend on these objective data sets to determine whether different laws should be enacted. Most people want to see effective laws that will actually have a positive impact on their state. This is why it is so important for different agencies to collect and analyze some of the Nebraska public records that are available out there. Read through to find out some of the different information that can be found.

Vital Records

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (NDHHS) is responsible for vital records in the state. This is the place to go if you're looking to order a birth, death, marriage or divorce certificate. Getting one of these documents is fairly straightforward and will require filling out the appropriate form and returning it along with any required documentation. Visit the NDHHS site for more information.

Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

This may be the best source of information within the state of Nebraska, because the agency is committed to setting up objective reports on a wide variety of issues. Think about whether you would like to find information on issues such as traffic violations or domestic abuse. A number of people will want to think about getting support through this agency for some independent research they are conducting. This agency will provide these reports for free on their website. Users will simply need to take a look at the different reports that they see when they log on to the site.

Uniform Crime Reporting in Nebraska

The state of Nebraska also provides some valuable information for anyone that needs to read reports directly from local police agencies. These law enforcement agencies report various crimes directly to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who can collect these reports as data sets. Each year, these agencies collaborate to release a final report on incidents that are occurring throughout the state. This can be an effective way of evaluating the state of crime each year in Nebraska. For example, researchers can find out how many arrests were made for rape or robbery during a particular year.

Criminal History Reports

Finding information on the backgrounds of individuals is also made possible through these reports that are issued by the Nebraska State Patrol. This may be valuable information for many people out there, who may need to learn about whether they should hire on an individual to a company. These reports are most commonly requested in the form of Record of Arrest and Prosecution (RAP) sheets. This information is distributed to the public, but there is an application process to view these kinds of records. Some researchers may need to pay a nominal fee if they are going to be able to look at the records of a person.

Sex Offenders

This is another commonly requested set of documents that are made available through the official Nebraska website. The state requires that sexual offenders make their information available through this registry. This can help parents and advocacy groups make sure that they don't become a threat to their local community. Think about whether you would be interested in trying to find out the number of sex offenders that are located in your area. This can be made possible if you check this website for more information.