Minnesota Public Records

If you are searching for specific information in the State of Minnesota you will need to determine first what you need and second, where you can obtain it. If you are looking for birth or death records, this information is dealt with through the Minnesota Department of Health. They do not have a walk in service, so you must mail, fax or email the department to make a request.

Searching for Birth or Death Records

When you are searching for birth records, you should know that all births have been electronically registered since 2001. Need a death record? Those records have been electronically registered since 1997. Deaths before 1908 and births before 1900 are dealt with by each local issuance office in the county where that death or birth took place. You first need to determine the county, and then contact the county’s issuance office to get that information.

If you plan to obtain a birth or death certificate you must pay the required fee for obtaining that certificate prior to it being provided to you. Birth certificates cost $27.00 and can be ordered by email, mail or fax. You will need to download the order form, complete it and have it dated and signed in front of a Notary Public. The fee can be paid by credit card.

If you are seeking a death certificate, you must have a tangible interest. This helps to protect families of the deceased and the deceased against identity theft. The fee for the death certificate is $13.00.

Minnesota Department of Health
Central Cashiering – Vital Records
PO Box 64499
St Paul, MN 55164-0499

You can also send an email to health.issuance@state.mn.us or call 651-201-5980.

Driver records

There may be a need for you to obtain your driver records. If you find that you must obtain a copy, you can fill out this form and obtain a copy of your record. For a non-certified copy containing a five year conviction history, you will pay $9.00. A certified record copy will cost you $10.00. These records can be ordered online by completing the form and submitting it, along with the required fees payable with a credit card.

County Records/Local Issuance Offices

Certain records are only available through the individual counties where they were issued such as marriage certificates and divorce decrees. What you will need to do is determine the county that you need to obtain records and then locate the local issuance office that you can obtain the records from. You can search online for the local issuance office that is nearest you.

Most counties have their own websites, so it is still a relatively simple matter to determine the county, find the form to order the record you need and then complete it online. When you submit your application form, you will need to make payment with a credit card in order to receive the document you are requesting. Most counties will mail the document to you via regular mail, but if you require it faster, you may wish to pay for expedited service.