About Us

Our goal is to make finding public records simpler by using online tools and resources. We maintain a list of the governmental offices in each state that are responsible for providing some of the more popular public records that people request. We also offer access to an online search that scans a database that combines records from agencies all over the United States.

Finding the public record you are looking for can be a painstaking process that involves trying to determine which local governmental body is responsible for maintaining the information you want. Thankfully, the Internet has made locating these government agencies somewhat easier and many of them now offer online access to their records. We try to make it easier to find these government websites by offering a list of them for each state.

Online access to records has made it easier to find public information, but it has also created a lot of new problems. Privacy, determining what information should be public, and the cost of transitioning to digital records are just a few of the issues caused by the Internet. We discuss these and many other issues affecting public records on our site.